Where’s Green?


One day, The EnteleTrons® world lookeds different. What has happened?

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by Renée Heiss and Gary A. Stewart. Illustrated by Fay Cofrancesco. Entelechy Education, LLC, 2013.

This 32-page book is a wonderful way of introducing science and nature to children.

 The three main characters in this book are Priti, a proton; Ning, a neuron; and Ellie, an electron. Together, the trio makes up The EnteleTrons®.

One day, The EnteleTrons® world looks different. What has happened? Then the team discovers the reason – the color green is missing! Where could it have gone? Why did it leave the rainbow?

It’s Priti, Ning and Ellie’s task to find out what has happened, and why. The EnteleTrons®, help align the seven colors of the rainbow, while exploring the visible spectrum in a prism. Through character interaction, The EnteleTrons® show everyone the value of cooperation.

The back pages contain the EnteleLab®, website links for activities and supplementary learning resources. However, there is much more to this book – woven in the pages are important life lessons, about working together, respect for others, and our place in the universe.

​Recommended for grades PreK – 1. Our Companion Learning Guide, developed by a team of professionals, has activities and information for teachers and parents.

​Winner of the Mom’s Choice Awards Silver Certificate.

Available as 8×10 Perfect-bound paperback – 32 pages

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