The EnteleTrons®

Meet The EnteleTrons®
The EnteleTrons® are new characters based upon sub-atomic particles that were created especially for young readers.  Just like your child, each of The EnteleTrons® has a unique personality.  Find out below what makes each member of this fascinating trio unique as they focus on the concepts of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) and language literacy, combined with key values and behaviors for character development. Then, explore The EnteleTrons® Series of books, companion learning guides, and family card games with your children for out-of-this-world adventures!
PRITI: The Proton

Priti is the teacher of the team. She always maintains a positive attitude in the midst of whatever challenge The EnteleTrons® face. She is mentally and physically strong, while also being a very keen observer. Priti always sees the good in others and is very empathetic. Her Indian name means “love,” so it’s in her nature to help others feel wanted, needed, and loved.

ELLIE: The Electron

Ellie is​ always active and in motion. She is easily excitable and her light-hearted and often funny approach helps keep the team grounded. She has an insatiable curiosity and finds wonder in the world around her. Her questions and suggestions keep readers enlightened, which may be why her name, of Greek origin, means “light.” She is known for her perseverance and has a talent for making connections and bringing things together – just when it’s needed most!

NING: The Neutron

Ning is a leader and advisor for the team. He is logical and practical, in addition to being a great mediator. He can always be found explaining how things work in the universe. Ning is known for “whooshing” to the EnteleLab™ to get just the right scientific tool to help the team address any challenge. His name, of Chinese origin, means “peaceful,” and Ning is most content when everything in the universe returns to its natural order.

The Charge of The EnteleTrons®


 The world may have started with a wise, whispered word.
Or it could have begun with the biggest BANG ever heard.

At that moment in time, countless particles would be
the basis of everything, even you, even me.

In that blink of an instant, a group arose from the glow,
with the mission to t-e-a-c-h and to s-h-o-w what they know.​

A proton named Priti and a neutron named Ning,
stick together forever and fix everything.

With Ellie the electron, the group is complete,
so the world stays together, correct and so NEAT.

Some say this group lives in a far, distant place,
But, the truth is they live through all time and all space.

The EnteleTrons ® Curriculum

The EnteleTrons® are sub-atomic particles that lead young readers through exciting adventures around the world. Sub-atomic particles are the fundamental elements of all matter, so it’s only fitting that the most widely recognized particles are the central characters: a proton named Priti, an electron named Ellie, and a neutron named Ning.  

These endearing characters encourage young readers to explore their natural and built environments.  As The EnteleTrons® attempt to solve their problems, they do so with logic and respect for the other characters. Throughout The EnteleTrons® Series, the fascinating trio helps children develop strong moral character while they learn valuable STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) concepts and strengthen their language literacy.  With The EnteleTrons®, children learn integrity, responsibility, kindness, cooperation, sharing and other important life skills. This powerful integration of STEM-C® Literacy is backed by wholesome, scientifically-sound content.  The EnteleTrons® are intuitively designed to be neutral in gender and ethnicity, so that children can create their own meaningful and unique connections with these dynamic action figures.  There are purposely no villains, weapons, or princesses in The EnteleTrons® world, allowing STEM-C® Literacy to be the hero.