We are an educational publishing company focusing on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) and character development education for early elementary school children.

The need for improved STEM education is gaining increasing attention, although most of the effort appears to be within the high school and middle school levels — with less emphasis and innovation within theelementary school leveland the need for character development, particularly with young children is always present.

Initial feedback regarding The EnteleTrons®, three sub-atomic particles that lead young readers through adventures around the universe, has been very positive — and we’re excited about the broad and long-term possibilities.

Our long term goals include: (1) expanding our wholesome, scientifically sound content for young readers, (2) developing a digital platform to leverage interactive reading technology, (3) exploring animation (edutainment, i.e. cartoons, movies) and related merchandising, and (4) exploiting global appeal.