Welcome Teachers!

We know that you are very aware of the impact STEM education has on your students.  Our goal is to help you to find valuable resources for lower elementary children so you can spend more time enjoying your classes.  With that in mind, we present to you….

Classroom games for small groups.  If you have an accelerated group of up to four students that needs a challenge, then offer them one of our STEM-C® games.  Choose between a true STEM game with a literacy component (Creative Connections) or a Math game (Go Figure!)  After your students play them once, they’ll want to play them again and again – STEM, character education, and literacy in one little box of cards.  What could be better?

Click HERE to get a FREE game template you can use.  Just add your own topics and answers!  This is perfect for any grade and curriculum.


Are you using our book, Where’s Green? to teach about rainbows?  Then Click HERE for a PowerPoint program entitled Rainbow Ranger.

The Kinetic Classroom

Want to transform your classroom from a static one to an active learning environment?  Then click HERE for a free e-book: The Kinetic Classroom